Friday, December 19, 2008

I'm back... with someone else style!!!

If anyone still look at this blog, I would like to start by saying that I am not proud of myself, its been over a year without posting. Not because I wasn't drawing but mainly because 2008 turn out to be, me taking new directions and learning other medium. As always, I 've been focusing on my paper animation, but also, selftaught Maya to myself and still in the process of becoming a storyboard artist. Definitly busy but not much to show for. Even if work used a lot of my time, I always keep a side project rolling . My earlier post on this blog already showed , that one thing I like to do is study an artist that I respect and try a project with that person style.
I already did ...
Humberto Ramos with Phillip Pulman's His dark material
The french artist Cyril Pedrosa with Lemony snickett
Really popular retro flat style with Pee-Wee play house
and some others not on this blog (yet !!)
Do I succed to emulate? I dont know, always hard to say but one thing is sure, I do learn a lot doing those kind of exercise.
For me the best reward is to end up respecting even more those guys that I liked in the first place. By understanding the complexity of their work, I gladly raise my hat to their talent even more .
This time Cheeks-74(Sean Galloway) and Dapper Dan(name unknown) were my 2 inspirations for my new project based on the HBO show "Carnival".
For some reason the black eyes that Cheeks used aint something I can make work. I guess it's harder than it look to make a character look alive with black eye :))
Hopefully It didn't turn out to bad and as much I did learn a lot, it was too much of a challenge to actually become a natural way to draw for me.
To Sean and Dapper Dan, you guys rock and please keep doing those awesome and inspiring artworks who just remind me how talented you guys are.


gemini82 said...

Good to see you back. Hopefuly we will see more post in 09.

Jeremy said...

Looking good, buddy! You've taken the spirit of each artist but definitely put your own spin on things. Don't really have much else to say except, I think they're cool :)

Kristen McCabe said...

Awesome! I loved Carnivale. Your versions of the characters are absolutely fantastic!

Anonymous said...

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Jason C said...

Man. I love that show. Great job on the designs. There's alot of you in there too. :) Great to see you posting again.

jacks said...

good stuff!

B! said...

nice work, definately has a "cheeks" quality to it.

Anonymous said...