Wednesday, March 25, 2009

storyboard test 2

Storyboard test

I did this storyboard test on my free time for 2 reasons ,
1- I realized that working with flash and toonboom for to long ,you actually forget how to draw
2-Never storyboarded before (profesionally ) so I just wanted to check if I had the potential to become a storyboard artist.

Far from beeing perfect ,that test got noticed by some people at Nelvana ,and starting on March 30th 09,I am joining the storyboard crew on a show call Scaredy Squirell.The show is directed by Jason Groh and I'll be storyboarding with some really amazing guys like Blair Kitchen and Mike Smukavic.

Surrounded by such talented artist, I have no doubt, this is gonna be an exiting year ahead of me . I sure do have a long way to go to keep up with my co-worker, so may as well start now:))

Here some part of my test.
The show is "Spliced"
and I've been animating on it for the past year, it will be on T.V next Summer (I think) and without a doubt one of the funniest show I 've seen .The 5 sequences I am posting are self-contain and don't follow up with each other .
Sorry for the format but this is my first time dealing with board so I wasn't sure what way was best to post the sequences.I also removed all the technicals notes for clarity. Hope you guys like it, I sure had a lot of fun doing it .