Monday, January 30, 2006

Doodlez Time!

Here a compilation of my favorite design I did on the show.Sniff!sniff!...the good old time

Friday, January 27, 2006

The stiff

These are earlier design I did for a show my partner in crime ,Campbell Mackinlay ,was pitching at Trapeze animation .The show is still in progress and look amazing,but the show is now far from my version . Good luck Campbell

Trapeze Animation

Make sure you guys take a look at this web site..
I spent 3 years of my life working at Trapeze and I still appreciate every minute of it .Great studio for growing, for exploring ,experimenting and pushing your skill artistically ,it was the best .
For those who still don't know what Doodlez is (that mean everybody outside Canada) you can watch some sample here:

Thursday, January 26, 2006

modelsheet I actually used

For this short I was animating ,I decided to use a style closer from the looney tunes.This was my model sheet for it(A bit old now but I still like it ) .Maybe If I find how ,I will post the animation also.

Duker 102

To keep going on the subject about..... me .If there is ONE thing I love more than Batman is of course ...
CHUCK JONES .Chuck is the reason where I am today .I knew I wanted to be a animator since I was 5 years old but when, at 14, I discovered Chuck Amuck .What a turning point in my life !Not only I knew I wanted to be part of the animation business ,but Warner bros would be my new home ....
How thing did turn out for me, almost 15 years later ,well for having Warner bros as a home well....still working on it, but the worst is I never had the chance to meet Chuck ,or talk to him ,or even see his grave or any of is legacy .OH!! not true, I saw his star on the sidewalk of fame in hollywood(Hurray!!!the only thing I didn't give a .......)So if any of you got stories about the big man ,please feel free to share with me .
At this point you probably guess it .I love the Looney tunes .(the classic of course ).So be kind with me if you see looney tunes sketches popping once a while .I sure draw a lot of those.
Here my 2 originals layouts from Chuck that I bought . (And proud to be a sucker ;))

Duker 101

Here a thing about me .I'm a Batman freak,So expect to see a lot of Batman drawing on this blog ;).Here a quick one I did of the joker in that same period I was studying Humberto Ramos .

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

still posting...old stuff!

This one was created after reading the book His dark materials by Philip Pullman.For some reason I thought Humberto Ramos's style was perfect for adapting some scene .A lot of sketches were made but only this one ended up finish .My goal for this one was to avoid computer in the process,that explain why the piece still black and white(without flash or photoshop I am useless with color.)

Tuesday, January 24, 2006

The challenge now is to keep posting ...

I guess for a while I will basically post my portfolio ,not a lot of new pieces are getting done lately because I am focusing mainly on my animation skill.Here some Character design I did after reading the first Lemony snickett book,almost a year before the movie.Funny how my count Olaf kind of look like Jim Carey.

Monday, January 23, 2006

That's it! I finally did it!!

Hard to believe but... Yes!, I finally did my blog .Thank to my good friends Campbell and Jason who gave me an ultimatum last week end .They told me, I was doing it or they were doing it for me, filling that blog with every old drawing of mine they could put their hand on .Wow !! that's what you call pressure.
Because this is my first post,I would like to let the new comers know that I am French Quebecquer .Hopefully you guys will forgive me for my bad english .
Because I wasn't mentally ready to have a blog, I am not really sure where to start.....
I guess I will start with my last completed piece that I did .It a bit dated ,but those who don't know me won't know.I actually met Jason Alexander and showed him the work in progress.He really liked it and signed it. He was exactly what I was hoping for, an amazing guy.