Saturday, August 19, 2006

Thank you all for the awesome comments!!!!

Incredible how fast time goes by.Already 5 months since my last post.Why so long before I posted something new .Well let say lot of overtime at work ,been focusing mainly on animation lately and like every summer,need to balance the increase of the beer drinking with the gym;)

When I had to leave Yowza after Curious George,My main fear was,by working at Nelvana seeing my learning curved go down again .After 6 months of mentoring with Roger and Claude Chiasson(professional animation gods),I could hardly imagine myself meeting an equivalent match at Nelvana. Luckily for me I've been team up with 3 guys who just made my time worth it at Nelvana.Rob Risek,Cory wilson and the amazing ...Faruk Cemalovic (no blog),one of the most talented guy I ever meet.Together we designed the population and the props for the upcoming show Grossology .
In a sad way( and an happy way) I just got transferred to animation for the same show.Leaving my teammates is kind of hard but necessary if I want to finally meet my peace with animation .
We had the pleasure last week to welcome my replacement ,referred by Charlie Bonifacio himself ,Perry LJ Osuna .I love his stuff and no doubt he'll do well in his new team .
Good luck guys !!!
Like every new show,there always an adaptation time to get the new style.Grossology was a really challenging style for me ,but really great to learn.Here my earlier design who got rejected. Hope the show will do well.