Tuesday, February 07, 2006

My first movie..Sniff !Sniff!

Last saturday I went to the premiere of the first 2D animated movie I worked on .It was an awesome time ,and I actually enjoy the movie quite a bit .I still think the first part of the movie is the best when it really focus on the relation between ted and george ,but still really entertaining .Hopefully it won't be my last one.On that pic,you have 4 of the most incredible talent I ever had the chance to meet .Former disney (australia) guys.From top left to down right.Steve Baker ,Mike Mcdougal,Nadine Wagner ,Me and Florian Wagner . Those guys been real friends while I was having though time to adapt from tv to feature .Of course while I 'm at it I would like to thank The Chiasson brothers ,Pierre ,Claude and my mentor Roger for everything they did for me.You guys kick ASS!!!!


Jason C said...

Awesome Duker!! glad you enjoyed the movie.. You lucky talented bastard.. someday.. maybe someday.. i'll be able to be your coffe getter and pencil shaving sweeper on one of these here features.. congrats man.. you deserve it..

martin wittig said...

Congrats! You've got a great blog here with some wonderful artwork!