Friday, October 15, 2010

My summer the Stanchfield's way part1

So this is what my study of walt stanchfield look like after 6 months since I picked up the books.

I envy everybody who actually had the chance to study with the guy.

Such an inspiration .


Jeremy said...

Amazing! These are beautiful sketches!

Mick said...


Blair said...

Nice drawings, man!

I was lucky enough to have a month of classes with Walt Stanchfield between my second and third year at Sheridan (1997). Having him draw over my drawings was an awesome experience.


Kirk Jorgensen said...


Thanks for the compliments. My sketches are ill in comparison to yours though. Yes I have heard of Stanchfield.. I have one of his books at's great. Your drawing could go in it.

prakashmohite said...

Sir..i like your lines..