Saturday, March 24, 2007

Where my time is going !!!?

Hey there!
I am not even sure if people still look at my blog ,it been so long . I have been extremely busy lately with work.No new posting doesn't mean I didn't draw though .I will probably post some of them in the upcoming week.
I 'have been focusing a bit more on my animation .Resulting to finally decided to post my Animation reel .The funny thing is, looking my demo reel just bring one thing to my mind...sadness and frustration.
I've live in the wrong place ,in the wrong time.I am pretty sure If I would have been californian ,coming out of school in 1988,my demo reel would probably represent much more what I dreamed to become, than what I have to offer today .
Don't get me wrong ,I sure do realize how lucky I am,in that awful age for classical animation ,butchered by 3d,flash and by tones of student badly taught, hoping for money and fame, to have, all put together ,probably over 15 minutes of animation under my belt .
I just can 't help to think ,where did I screwed up?.
It is one of those time I really have a hard time the make me feel better with"The grass is always greener on the other side"
Anyway here it his. I am really sorry for the poor quality ,first experience with posting a video.If anyone have suggestion how to improve the the quality ,please share with me .


sean said...

I see where you're coming from but that just seems to be the nature of the business these days. The trick is to draw a line between work and play. Make some time to do the things you want by doing a short or a music video on your own time. I'm sure that there's a ton a talented people where you work that feel the same way. Try to round up a bunch of peeps and do something sexy.

Don't give up duker. tabarnaque man... don't give up the dream. Call me next time you're in town.


Jeremy said...

Hey Buddy, long time no talk. I've moved out to Ottawa so its been a while since I've checked out your site-or mine :P. I still check it out when I can though. AS for your reel, I have some suggestions.. granted its just coming from me.. I'm no one special or anything and I'm not much of an artist/animator either. So please take this feedback in that context.
No worries about the quality of your video - there's nothing you can do about that. Youtube transcodes video to a lower resolution. The big suggestion I have is to simply your reel and take out some shots. Guess it sort of depends where you'd like to work in the future. Are you interested in working at the new Disney traditional feature productions? If that's your goal my suggestion is to keep the bat animation, keep your film animation tests, keep some of the more classical doodlez work, and maybe try to add a shot or two of personal work reflecting your ability now on paper. I'd loose the BAVE work, and some of the symbol work from the other various shows and the 3d shot. Its not that some of symbol work isn't good, its just limited. Take this with a grain of salt of course, its just my opinion and obviously Gabriele and Chris, plus any of the Yowsaa guys would know more about feature animation than me.
That all said, your harmony work is kick butt! I love some of your Ruby work and those bat shots are kick butt. Harmony can be just as frustrating a flash - gah! Don't give up, don't let tv animation get you down and definately keep doing your own thing and posting your personal work here. Plus please, unblock me on msn - I know its just your way of saying you love me but I promise not to bug you more than once a month :P I just want to keep in contact and let you know when I'm visiting Toronto.

Jeremy said...

Cool, thanks for letting me know whats up. Right now I'm working at Mercury so I'm still making the jump to Harmony. Overall its a pretty cool program but there are some frustrating aspects to it.
Thanks for comments on my blog too.. all that stuff is getting fairly old now and I have some better work I'd like to post but I have no scanner in Ottawa :( Overall its a bit better but there's a long way to go.
Don't give up on your dreams of Disney either. You can really entertain an audience and that's the most important thing an animator can do. Good luck, and talk to you soon, when I get my phone hooked up!

Blair Kitchen said...

Hey Sebastian!! Nice animation. I love the bat stuff.
My only comment on the reel, is to edit it so that there is more finished work, and less rough animation. It's tempting to put a lot of rough stuff in, but the finished stuff looks more professional. I'd also keep the reel more specific to what you want to do. Maybe make one geared towards feature with more "full" animation, and another reel geared towards TV. A shorter reel with only your best stuff is better than a longer reel.
With that said, your stuff looks great! Glad to see you posting again. Keep it coming!

martin wittig said...

Nice work on your blog, Please keep it up!!:)

Boris Hiestand said...

don't be so negative- you've got a very strong reel, and you should be proud of yourself!

It's a lot of pose to pose zipping which is a trick rather than a masterful craft but your sense of timing and pace is VERY good, so I'm sure you'll have no problem finding work.

I agree with Jeremy, you can take some stuff out. Only show your best work.
Studios get tons of reels to look at so they want them to be short. 2 minutes is more than enough.

I used to wish I was born 10 years ago as well, because I'm certain I would have been part of some cool films and be a better animator now.
But we're NOT born 10 years ago. This is good because
A. We're still young!!!
B. Think of those amazing 2d animators that had a great career already and are now applying for the same jobs as freshly graduated students who can't animate at all! They must be much more frustrated.
C. We're at the forefront of a changing film industry. More and more people employed rely on their computers to do their work for them. You HAVE traditional skills, and a love and knowledge of the traditional craft, meaning an advantage over others.

The best people are open to change. Don't live in the past.
When Ollie Johnston saw 'Toy Story' he said: "I wish I was YOUNG again!"

good luck!

chico chiwawa said...

Salut chummy!Super ton video! Je t'ai envoyer un mail essaie d'y répondre. Je sais que t'as pas beaucoup de temps, mais j'aimerais tellement!Bye

Goldenrod Fox said...

I'm glad to see you update here, you demo reel looks great!

SARSON said...

I feel you on this post.