Sunday, March 03, 2013

cafe drawing 2

cafe drawing 1



What The Food?! is a card game that I have been working on with Peter Vaughan, Janelle Tibbetts Vaughan, Jason Carter and Caroline Beliveau.
I was familiar with the processes of making either a live action feature, an animation or a comic book but a card game was definitly a first. So far, the experience is awesome and luckilly for me, this game is a lot of fun. I couldn't be more proud to have designed on this game.
Make sure to visit our fun Facebook page and like us :!/WhatTheFoodGame?fref=ts
In the upcoming weeks, we should also have a link for our Kickstarter project :) (TBA)

Here is some of my art involved in the game:
(Make sure to visit our Facebook page to see them in color (done by my talented friend Peter Vaughan)).

Childhood friends

When I was 15 years old, I did a comic book based on my childhood friends.
The drawn characters became favorites amongst the people who knew the 6 of us.

By the time my professional career was on its way, those characters made less and less appearance in my sketchbook until we were all grown up with kids and the characters completely died.
A last minute reunion happened last week, and even though I was super busy with work and freelance, I had to do a quick update of my old friends.

Can't say this turn out as my best work, but the guys were more than happy to see their cartoon self  being a part of the reunion. Long life to "the Cabochons"!

random sketches

Story of my life

A while ago, I started a little something that I called "Story of my life".
It is basically a diary with drawings of events that happened to me in the past. I am not getting any younger and I can definitely feel some stories fading away. That's why I decided to start these!

Random good bye/Thank you card


Exactly one year ago, my wife told me that we were expecting. We had to wait the 20 weeks mark in the pregnancy to finally see clearly the little one that we were awaiting.
We found out we were going to have a little girl.
So, when we got the ultrasound, I did a simple animation to post on my Facebook page.

Then, we had the baby shower with our families in Canada and I did this drawing which was for our Thank you cards.
Finally, on December 5 2012, my wife and I welcomed our beloved daughter Emilie.
Here is Emilie now, at almost 3 months: